Our programs for the non-profit performing arts can be used to help a student to modify his or her perception of academic performance. The process for learning the lines for a play or for learning to play a musical instrument does not include the emotional stress that is caused when students must take an examination in a class. The students can make decisions about the practice sessions. If the schedule for the practice sessions is flexible, then the students can concentrate on learning the new skills. The focus of the training is on the learning process and not on the quality of the performance.

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When students participate in one of the programs for our nonprofit arts organization, those students will be exposed to several dedicated professionals who want to encourage the students to discover a new rhythm for life. The students can make decisions about the time frame for the learning process, which can help to empower the students. The higher level of self-confidence can be used to motivate a student to improve his or her academic performance. The new skills for making decisions can be used to modify study habits. The value of a non-profit arts education can be assessed by evaluating the usefulness of the new skills.