About Us

“Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change. It can not only move us, it makes us move.” – Ossie Davis.

EPITOME OF SOUL was founded in 2012 in response to the co-founders’ concerns that too many minority and low-income students were being affected by the decreased arts funding due to the high demands of the No Child Left Behind Act. The organization currently serves the Paterson community through educational and arts advocacy, mentorship, and scholarship with the purpose of placing arts back into schools.


Epitome of Soul, Inc. partners with community organizations to equip, empower, and encourage elementary and high school students to strive for academic excellence and cultural growth through the arts.


Epitome of Soul aims to create a platform in performing arts celebrating all varieties of music, dance, drama, theater and creative writing with the sole purpose of enriching the cultural dynamics of underserved school communities. Our primary initiative is to organize youth groups to undertake projects that benefit the community and encourage leadership, character, compassion, and good citizenship.  In addition, help high school and college students further their education by providing financial assistance through scholarships.

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