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Make a donation today to help our students. Below are several key areas in which we need your support.

Support a Program $100

Help provide essential tools needed to carry out our student programs.

  • Unveiling the Heart & Soul Arts Symposium
  • Art & Soul After-School Club
  • School Trips
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Provide Mentorship $350

Help provide essential tools needed to support mentorship workshops and activities.

  • Epitome of Soul Mentorship Program (ESMP)
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Provide a Scholarship $500

Help provide financial assistance to high school students pursuing post-secondary education.

  • Epitome of Soul Scholarship Program
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Frequent Questions
Can I donate more than once?
Yes, we welcome and appreciate repeat donations.
What is the payment method?
The best way to make a payment is through paypal. You can also send payment to our address at 38 East Ridgewood Avenue #255 Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Can I donate as a gift for someone?
Yes, a donation for our great cause would be a wonderful gift!
How can I see status updates?
You can stay up to date with our programs by signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of the website homepage.