How Your Passion for Music can be Passed on to the Future

You’ve loved music your entire life. From the time you were a child, one of the greatest pleasures in life was playing an instrument or maybe even more than one instrument. Maybe your passion is singing and you spent time in a choir at school or in a house of worship. Maybe you sang and played an instrument throughout your life and can’t imagine a life without music.

Because music has given you such joy in your life, the current arts funding situation in many schools saddens you. How can you you pass on your passion for music to the younger generation if youths never learn how to play an instrument or sing? The answer is to become a volunteer with Epitome of Soul. As a nonprofit arts organization, we’re dedicated to making sure that low-income students don’t miss out on educational and leadership opportunities in music and the performing arts.

Epitome of the Soul has a variety of opportunities where you can volunteer your services to ensure the today’s students have access to non-profit performing arts education. One of the ways you can help is through our after-school programs. Every week throughout the academic year, we host two-hour programs where students gain experience in drama and dance.

If our after-school programs don’t fit your schedule, we have other opportunities for you to contribute to non-profit arts education. Epitome of the Soul is always looking for people to help us plan and host cultural events throughout the community. We can also use help with fundraising, marketing, social media and more.

We have other ways the you can pass on your passion for music to the younger generation. Epitome of the Soul has a mentorship program for students who actively seek help and education in one of the performing arts. Mentoring a student who is passionate about music could be the activity that is perfect for you. Imagine teaching a student a piece of music that has always meant a lot to you, or helping someone finally master a musical work that they simply couldn’t perform adequately in the past. Mentorship can take many different forms. The passion that you pass on today could end up being passed on tomorrow and for generations to come.

To learn how you can become part of our nonprofit arts organization, contact us today with your information. Someone will get back to you quickly so you can get started on imparting your passion for music.

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