The #1 Way You Can Ensure Teens Don't Miss Out on the Arts

Teens, especially those in underserved urban communities, struggle every day to find ways to express their artistic notions and personal creations. There is a strong link between the non-existence of structured arts programs, and increased rates of teen depression, scholastic failure, and even suicide. Basically, teens with artistic talent must have a way to use that talent in a meaningful way, while learning valuable skills. Non-profit arts organization involvement can reverse these trends.

With the exception of highly-funded private institutions, the vast majority of middle and high schools throughout the country are lacking in arts education. Government mandates have forced local districts to cut programs like music, art, theater, and culturally-centered education. Fortunately, non-profit arts education and mentorship organizations like Epitome of Soul are picking-up the slack.

These organizations rally the collective skills of arts professionals in an area, and organize after-school mentorship courses for teens with a desire to pursue their talents. The unique vision of a non-profit arts organization like Epitome of Soul not only reaches out to talented teens, but instills purpose in their learning. It is one thing to instruct a teen in an artistic discipline. It is quite another to show them how valuable their talents are to their community.

Teens who are serious about the arts will naturally gravitate toward a program that actively communicates the value of their existing talents, and has the leadership to provide opportunities for growth. A non-profit performing arts venue for expression is one of the most powerful and formative avenues for guiding young people to be comfortable with who they are, while developing the need to share it with others.

Sharing and character-building are the main goals of a nonprofit arts organization like Epitome of Soul. Artistic teens involved in programs learn techniques from successful arts professionals, compete for rewards in the form of post-graduation scholarships, and are actively involved in community service. Epitome of Soul continually reinforces the need for teens who are receiving guidance, to share what they are learning with others. Art-related community service ranges from community beautification projects, to student-only theater productions.

There is absolutely no reason any teen with an artistic talent should miss out on education that could inspire and prepare them for arts training and career success at a higher level. Non-profit arts education is ideal for school districts struggling to find ways to serve talented teens, while fostering programs that increase community pride. In a society that unfortunately tends to value only the bottom line, non-profit arts education from Epitome of Soul helps teens understand why their talents are absolutely integral to the growth and success of themselves and society itself.

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