What Composes the "Epitome" of Great Non-profit Performing Arts Education?

Here at Epitome of Soul, we are all about helping everyone with gaining an understanding of exactly what our organization actually does. As a nonprofit arts organization, we form working partnerships with community organizations for the purpose of encouraging, empowering and equipping students from elementary school to high school with their pursuit of cultural growth and academic excellence through the arts.

Through our many non-profit arts education programs, we are cultivating amazing youth leaders from all areas of society via art advocacy and our non-profit performing arts programs. Those programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Mentorships
  • Scholarships
  • Educational & arts advocacy
  • Arts Symposiums
  • Arts & Soul After School Club
  • Epitome of Soul’s Mentorship Program (ESMP)

As mentors, we advocate non-profit arts education for all students who are seriously seeking it. Our goal is actively assisting with the professional growth and development of high school students to help them with preparing for all of their post-secondary endeavors. And, to that end, our scholarship program can help them with the financial issues that may be involved in acquiring a college education.

We’re always looking for individuals in the community who are ready and willing to begin championing the cause of assisting with the integration of the arts into urban community schools by becoming new Epitome of Soul volunteers. We need programming help with our after school programs that are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two hours. Numerous students are gaining arts experience through dance and drama during these programs.

We are also hosting cultural events year round. We always need plenty of help with both pre-event planning and event set-up, as well as breaking everything down after the event. We would love to have your help and we know that you will just love making a difference in the community with your contribution to these non-profit performing arts events. In addition, our organization is always in need of volunteers that can work full-time at assisting in our overall development. Those needs extend to the areas of social media, marketing strategies, and fundraising.

If you are an educator or a retired educator, a musician or an artist, or an art enthusiast, young or old, this could be the perfect way to get involved in something that can help young people in a way that only a nonprofit arts organization like Epitome of Soul can. We want to see these students realize their full potential and we know that you will, too. Or, if you would love to help, but your time is limited, you could share the Epitome of Soul content on social networks and be a huge help in that manner.

Our nonprofit arts organization needs your help to reach our goal of $45,000! Learn more by clicking the link below.

Support non-profit arts education today.